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In our company SAP primarily provides a reliable and stable platform for the company's supply chain operation and financial reporting. What is most critical about SAP - it's really the integration of all functions, where all operation and financial information residing in, and the capability of integrating with external source of data and this is exactly why we choose to partner with ITP, their knowledge of end-to-end processes and technology integration helped to support and develop our system.


Financial Services

Last year, part of our company’s infrastructure was migrated to Azure and since then we have been maintaining a hybrid infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud. Microsoft has well established IaaS and PaaS products, and there has been lot many changes related to new features and integration with other platforms. Azure will definitely become a cloud leader with its products, and our decision to migrate to Azure has significantly reduced infrastructure downtime, improved our quality of service and increase infrastructure flexibility for new business requests implementation n. I’d like to say “thank you” to ITP team for support during migration and help along the way during stabilization and hyper care period.

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We express our gratitude to InTech Partner for the high-quality and timely implementation of work on the development of the Micro Focus Service Manager system, which we have been using since 2016 and which is our base for building customer-oriented user service. Thanks to the joint efforts of both teams, the automation of change management processes was implemented in accordance with the world's best practices.





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