Healthcare & Pharma Excellence with ITP’s Microsoft & SAP Services

Discover how InTechPartner delivers tailored Microsoft and SAP services to the pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in optimizing digital solutions, leveraging Microsoft and SAP technologies to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and drive innovation in the pharmaceutical ad healthcare sector.

ITP Tackles Complex Issues in Pharmaceutical

1. Regulatory compliance

Discover how InTechPartner delivers tailored Microsoft and SAP services to the pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in optimizing digital solutions, leveraging Microsoft and SAP technologies to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and drive innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

2. Supply chain disruption

Over 40% of businesses, including those in the pharmaceutical sector, have grappled with supply chain disruptions. To combat these challenges and fortify operational resilience, many pharmaceutical companies are turning to cutting-edge supply chain methods, enabled by advanced Cloud ERP-based frameworks.

3. Quality digital control

Quality control is imperative in the pharmaceutical industry, from raw material intake to production and final distribution. To elevate these processes, companies are deploying the latest digital solutions for quality planning and control, including machine learning algorithms and real-time monitoring, aiming to achieve unparalleled quality assurance.

4. R&D costs

Amid escalating R&D expenditures, the pharmaceutical sector faces a pressing need for efficiency. To navigate these financial and operational challenges, numerous firms are turning to AI-driven data analytics, connected digital processes and advanced PLM tools, aiming to optimize both research processes and resource utilization.

5. Personalized medicine challenges

As technology advances, personalized medicine offers new treatment possibilities but also presents challenges like high costs and regulatory hurdles. To tackle these issues, various initiatives are turning to real-time data analytics, IoT, mobile, and robotic process automation (RPA), aiming for streamlined development and ethical compliance.

6. Data security concerns

Data security is vital in the pharmaceutical sector, where sensitive patient and clinical trial data abound. To combat cyber threats, firms are adopting advanced DPMS and hybrid cloud strategies, along with disaster recovery and Application Management Services (AMS), aiming for robust data integrity and security.

ITP expertise in SAP/Microsoft solutions to address business challenges

InTechPartner (ITP) is your trusted partner for harnessing the full potential of SAP and Microsoft solutions to overcome your pharmaceutical business challenges. With our specialized SAP solutions, we enable you to:


SAP and Healthcare


  • elevate your digital excellence in the life sciences sector. Streamline crucial operations such as drug tracking, optimize supply chain collaboration, expedite clinical trials, and automate batch releases, all while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.
  • advance your pharmaceutical business with our end-to-end implementation of key SAP modules, offering seamless integration of Success Factors for HR management, Ariba Procurement for efficient procurement processes, CRM for enhanced customer relations, and other essential modules.
  • revolutionize your pharmaceutical business through SAP S4/HANA with our experts to reach real-time data processing, agility and insights for better decision-making based on best practices.
  • Improve scalability of your business and ensure better security using cloud infrastructure based on the
    leading solutions from Microsoft Azure’s in line with best industrial standards and practices.


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SAP S/4HANA or Pharma at a Glance: The most used modules

SAP S/4HANA Central Component

SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
Ensures compliant and transparent financial processes, facilitating real-time reporting and financial analytics, which are vital in the pharma industry

SAP CO (Controlling)
Aids in detailed reporting and monitoring of costs, supporting budgeting and cost-containment strategies crucial in pharma manufacturing

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
Streamlines the order-to-cash process, facilitating efficient sales order processing and accurate invoicing, which can help in meeting the stringent delivery timelines in the pharma sector

SAP MM (Materials Management)
Enhances procurement and inventory management, ensuring a stedy supply of materials and optimizing a steady supply of materials and optimizing stock levels, which is vital in maintaining the production pace iin pharma companies


Enhancement Modules

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Optimizing logistics and production workflows

SAP QM (Quality Management)
Quality control and assurance

SAP APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization)
Sophisticated demand and supply optimizer

SAP Success Factor (Human Experience Management)
Comprehensive cloud HR solution



Microsoft Azure for Pharma at a Glance

Azure Products and Solutions for your Healthcare NeedsAzure Products and Solutions for your Healthcare Needs

SAP ATTP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Lower Costs

  • Lower compliance expenses for current and future serialization mandates, including nation-specific

Increase Efficiency

  • Enhance your supply chain efficiency with deeper insights into material movements, right down to the
    sales-unit-item level.

Scale For Large Volumes

  • Manage substantial amounts of serialization data and adjust to emerging regulations.

Data Integration

  • Merge master and transactional data in ERP and warehouse functionalities
  • Record serialized trade item activities from packaging lines

Serial Number Management

  • Monitor serial numbers and their aggregations
  • Handle sequential number ranges and randomized serial number inventories

Country-Specific Regulatory Reporting

  • Monitor and log retail product serial numbers in a corporate database
  • Adhere to nation-specific guidelines during serial number reporting

SAP ICSM Intelligent Clinical Supply Management​

Reduce Cycle Time And Improve Efficiency​

Gain from streamlined and automated clinical trial supply chain procedures, helping to diminish complexity and reduce costs.​

Increase Transparency​

Attain ideal site-level visibility and enhance clinical planning by considering actual enrollment and dispensing for clinical supplies replenishment.​

Optimize Collaboration​

Simplify supply management workflows by bringing together all clinical supplies stakeholders, such as suppliers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and clinical sites.​


Setup Of Complex Clinical Studies​

Preserve clinically pertinent parameters​, manage diverse study designs with built-in support​, view study statuses on the overview page​, integrate with any CTMS software​

Planning And Forecasting​
Initiate early demand planning at drug level upon use case identification​, perform deterministic demand calculations​, simulate planning scenarios with enrollment and visit data​

Improved Stock Visibility & Distribution​
Enhance stock visibility down to site and kit ID level​, facilitate import compliance through medication ID-based kit handling​, integrate 3PLs using GS1 standard interfaces​


SAP BRH Batch Release Hub for Life Sciences

Reduce Compliance And Risk Management Cost​
Streamline and automate labor-intensive batch release procedures to lessen human error and decrease the likelihood of product recalls and batch release non-compliance.​
Reduce Order Fulfillment Lead Time​
Accelerate batch release cycles to enhance customer satisfaction and facilitate manufacturing expansion for new business models.
Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs​
Reduce surplus inventory and carrying costs to achieve financial targets and boost shareholder value.
Automatic Data Evaluation​
-Facilitate quicker, scalable, and precise decision-making​
-Harmonize processes throughout supply chains​
-Automate essential tasks like worklist verifications and e-signatures​
Semantic Integration​
-Merge SAP and third-party solutions using a software-agnostic approach​
-Utilize public APIs for diverse system integration​
-Customize processes to suit distinct batch release contexts, material types, and business regulations​

ITP overview

SAP Solutions

Microsoft solutions and migration to Azure

Application and infrastructure development and support

Strategic IT outsourcing

  • 28+ years in the market
  • Broad partner ecosystem with 40+ vendors and partners
  • Proven use of best practices and innovative  technologies, confirmed by key vendors
  • Team with extensive experience in complex IT projects for leading companies, including
    1. Development of a global SAP template and its subsequent rollout to group companies
    2. Migration to S/4HANA
    3. Setup and migration of infrastructure to Azure
  • Competence center and specialists certified by SAP and Microsoft

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