Strategic outsourcing

Strategic outsourced services represent delegation of IT function by a company for management to a third-party service provider. With the help of strategic outsourcing, companies across various industries can ensure better scalability and leverage a partner’s expertise gained through years of practice and research. As a result, company could focus of their core business and improve its business.

When handing over operations to an outsourced partner, a company can leverage the following strategic benefits of outsourcing:

  • Reduced costs. One of the main reasons why companies use strategic outsourcing is the desire to cut costs. You can fully rely on a partner’s knowledge and experience rather than hiring specific personnel. Automation and optimization commonly go along with outsourcing, thus allowing businesses to save on operational costs.
  • More time to focus on core business. Outsourcing helps companies get rid of an array of routine and repetitive tasks, thus giving more time to manage their major specialization and business challenges that require human interaction and judgment.
  • Better risk management. When trying to solve challenges yourself without the required expertise, you are likely to make costly mistakes. Even attempts to acquire said expertise could be in vain. You might hire the wrong person, or there is not enough consistent workload to keep this person in house on a full-time job. However, when you outsource the work to experts, you can better manage risks across the entire organization.
  • Improved resource utilization. Many companies employ out-of-box software and might not take maximum advantage of its use. The reason for this is that these systems are not adjusted to the specific company’s needs and goals, and they can’t be. But outsourcing software customization and integration to third party experts, helps you leverage its full potential.
  • Gain competitive advantage. The above-mentioned advantages bring us to the main benefit delivered with the strategic outsourced services. Every business desires to be the best in its market and own a competitive advantage over other players. Transformation across an array of areas in your business will help you become more flexible, drive growth, manage costs and stay on top of the competition.
  • Access to a global knowledge base. You can’t be an expert in everything. But you can easily access a pool of resources and knowledge when partnering with various service providers. Companies that specialize in outsourced services spend their time and money to provide you with the best specialists in the market allowing you to benefit from their expertise. Because just like you, they want to stay competitive and provide the best services at the best possible price.

Strategic outsourced services is one of key streams for InTech Partner where we help our clients to acceleration their business growth through innovation, efficient operational processes, scalable resources and our complex vision for digital transformation.

Our strong expertise and proven track record will ensure:

  • Creation of resilient, flexible and efficient infrastructure with transparent SLAs based on best in class solutions, processes and technologies
  • Support and further development of business application which will increase competitive advantages, flexibility and time to market of your business.
  • Set up of continuous improvement approach for all IT processes adopting proven best practices
  • Deep integration of IT and business to improve business value delivered through collaboration between teams
  • Co-innovation practices which will help business to review efficiency of new technologies for their tasks