Microsoft strategic alliance with Lumen Technologies


Lumen Technologies had in a great year. The company was born in September 2020, when the telecommunications company CenturyLink announced the name change of Lumen Technologies. The primary plan focuses on promoting human progress. Through technology. Located in Monroe, Louisiana, Lumen builds on a long network tradition by providing enterprises with interconnected global fiber optic network infrastructure, edge cloud security and functionality, and communication and collaboration solutions. Then, in a major development less than a year later, Lumen expanded its long-term partnership with Microsoft through the establishment of a strategic alliance, which will introduce Azure cloud functions into the Lumen edge location network.

Lumen delivers global network capacity and deep capillary fiber to corporate locations and distributed edge node locations, as well as various consulting and professional services. This strategic alliance enables Microsoft to expand its technology and capabilities through a deeply connected Lumen edge platform and an extensive network of landing points.

Company provides them with more technology options for their use. In the past, customers could only host workloads and applications from a centralized cloud or their own private data center, not locally. They now have a third landing point, Lumen’s edge computing node, which provides unique performance and cost advantages. At present, no other company can reach Lumen’s scope in the field of edge computing. Lumen already has 45 edge computing nodes in the United States and is still expanding. With the support of Azure, Company can extend a version of Azure cloud to our edge computing nodes, bringing them close to customer locations and digital interactions, thereby providing performance advantages such as low-latency throughput for applications, even when the company is physically located It is not close to the Azure cloud data center. It creates an additional landing site that can provide better economic benefits, allowing customers to handle local workloads and move them to the edge to work in the Azure cloud ecosystem. For many workloads and scenarios, this opens a new world of opportunities for customers in optimizing cost and performance structures and developing next-generation applications.

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