Akbank improves IT efficiency with Micro Focus


Akbank is one of Turkey’s largest banks. Founded in 1948, it earned revenues of over TL 13.7 billion in 2017 and was named “The Most Valuable Banking Brand in Turkey” for the eighth year in a row in the “Brand Finance – Banking 500, 2018” study. In addition, Akbank was ranked as the 126th most valuable banking brand in the research, which includes the most valuable worldwide banking brands.

Akbank used Micro Focus Data Center Automation with Server Automation and Operations Orchestration to bring project Symphony to life. The objectives were clear from the beginning: allow the IT infrastructure team to spend their time as efficiently as possible while maintaining full compliance.

Project Symphony began in August 2018 and was finished in under eight months, with remarkable results. “In 2019, we saved an average of 5,000 people hours every week,” says the report. COVID-19 in 2020 increased the savings to 15,000 person hours per week during remote working periods,” said Bülent Saltürk, senior vice president of IT Operations and Systems Support.

The bank eliminated human errors and lowered the risks associated with manual procedures by automating and standardizing processes.

Previously, maintaining compliance controls in the bank’s large-scale infrastructure required a significant amount of effort. Automation now makes it possible to conduct compliance controls on a regular basis and generate compliance reports quickly.

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