Transforming UK Infrastructure Projects with SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud


Deloitte, together with SAP AppHaus Network developed a cost-tracking solution for construction company Costain and Keytree based on SAP software

Solution, the Intelligent Infrastructure Control Center (IICC), received SAP Innovation Award in the Business Transformation Champion category from SAP.

“It’s a well-known problem throughout the construction industry that money being funneled in there is hard to track,” explains the leader of Keytree’s Design and Innovation team. Huge infrastructure projects across the UK are frequently government-sponsored and have large budgets, but the specifics of where the funding is going are sometimes unclear due to a lack of data insights.

Innovation is nothing new in the building sector. However, if an innovative process is introduced on a single construction site – for example, a new bridge is prefabricated and then assembled on-site – it is frequently impossible to leverage that innovation across a large infrastructure program with multiple construction sites due to a lack of necessary insights.

“A lot of processes and data are often held on paper or to be found in the heads of on-site engineers with 20 or 30 years of experience rather than in systems,” by addressing this issue, SAP and Keytree were able to help Costain, which uses SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), become a leader in the construction business.

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