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Did you know that your business could be more efficient? With SAP implementation services, you can transform your digital business vision into fundamental strategies and deliver outstanding business results.

What is SAP implementation

Knowing what is SAP implementation is important. SAP is an automated system that offers solutions for building a common information space based on an enterprise and efficient planning of resources and workflows.

Its tools can be used both individually and in combination. The main thing is that the environment should be unified: this will ensure maximum efficiency of conducting and updating data between different departments or other functional units of the company.

The software model includes three main parts:

  • client,
  • server,
  • DBMS.

This structure allows the end-user to combine critical solutions in areas such as: conveniently

  • accounting and reportin — you can record all production costs, manage funds and orders, mark other significant results;
  • logistic — with planning, marketing, and strategic management at once, including invoicing, direct sales, and regular shipments of goods; this also includes constant logistics, with procurement and inventory control.

Pros and cons of SAP

There are a lot of distinctive features of this software. Let’s consider the key ones, both positive and not negative.

The list of benefits:

  • Easy setup.
  • Work online.
  • Almost no updates are needed.
  • Automatic increase in the efficiency of work of subordinates.
  • It reduces the number and even the very likelihood of errors.
  • It covers a wide range of tasks and all the large enterprise’s needs.
  • Conveniently and naturally combined with other office applications.
  • The interface can be fully adapted “for yourself” to implement the minor details in the product’s structure.
  • High focus on advanced standards and results, and hence relevance.

Among the disadvantages:

  • Demanding to have specific knowledge for the most flexible settings – you need to understand what is in SAP and understand other codes and modules.
  • Relatively high cost — the acquisition of this software pays off in the long run.
  • Adaptability is possible only with individual debugging: if some functions do not coincide with the company’s activities, you will have to spend extra money on reorienting them.
  • Inability to switch to another vendor for free until the contract with the current one expires; renegotiation will result in high costs, which is inconvenient for a company rationally spending its budget.
  • The use of a product is not yet a guarantee of the success of the product created with its help (although this is typical for any software, therefore this minus is very conditional).

As you can see, the disadvantages are relative and highly dependent on who will use it. If this is a trained person, most of the disadvantages can be avoided, and the payback rate will be higher. The advantages are pretty natural and apparent.

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SAP Implementation steps

We have talked about what SAP is like and how it looks. To complete the picture, you also need to figure out how it is configured for the needs of a particular enterprise and put into operation. Let’s talk about SAP implementation process This is done in 4 steps:

  1. Familiarization with the project and its preparation — here, the necessary documents are reviewed, collected, compiled, and the schedule of all events is coordinated. Be sure to pay attention not only to the wishes of the management but also to the developers’ recommendations.
  2. Collecting the necessary information — it turns out what qualifications those employees who will directly use the software have and how aware they are of future tasks; based on this, decisions are made on setting up the software.
  3. Design — after analyzing all the available information, the developers approve the structure (making changes, adjustments, and improvements, if necessary) and adopt the final plan, which they will continue to adhere to.
  4. Implementation — all scenarios relevant to the enterprise are implemented, adjustments are made following the specific tasks of the company, and staff is trained.

After that, support is provided with periodic checks for the absence of errors and correct operation.

Why Are SAP Implementation Services Important?

It is essential for a manager to know how to decipher SAP, how to implement it in his organization and how to use it, and to understand what it is for. And they install it with two global goals:

To receive accurate information about the current state of affairs promptly and to see all ongoing changes online.

To gradually optimize business processes, eliminating unprofitable, overly complex, and unnecessary, improving the efficiency of the highest priority.

With the proper guidelines and a detailed SAP implementation process, SAP software can revolutionize your business and simplify processes in every area. We truly understand this technology and know how to unleash its potential with over 30 years of experience providing consulting services for SAP solutions worldwide. Our comprehensive project-based services focus on developing and implementing software products, solutions, and processes and their integration into existing landscapes and infrastructure. We guarantee that you will use the best practices, ensuring the long-term success of your business.

Choosing an SAP Implementation Partner

The growing and diverse landscape of IT systems in many companies require multiple interfaces and compatible software, data, and support versions. To align a company’s IT strategy with its business goals, we’ll help you develop an agile enterprise architecture that optimizes resource utilization, prevents bottlenecks, and improves agility and scalability.

Our solution architects, who have a deep understanding of the specific requirements of your business, form an everyday basis of knowledge for all business and IT stakeholders. They plan, design, and determine the optimal implementation and technical aspects of embedding applications in the existing landscape, taking into account the customer’s specifics.

For the long-term success of implementing SAP solutions, our SAP core product consultants provide support for the technical base; their services include installing and configuring the system and updating and upgrading SAP components.

Our implementation and systems integration services include the customization, implementation, and end-to-end technical integration of software applications — such as the SAP portfolio for smart enterprises and our proprietary software products—into your IT landscape. After a productive launch, we not only provide ongoing technical support but also continue to guide you through the onboarding and change management process.


This software is very functional, includes a wide variety of modules (additionally, customizable ones are an essential part), and allows you to solve various tasks. It is relatively expensive, but it justifies itself in the long term for the constant operation of a large enterprise. Contact us if you want to know more about it. Our specialists will develop an individual implementation strategy that will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently with a low level of risk.

Still have questions?

What is SAP?

SAP is a program that provides solutions to optimize a company’s business processes. With the help of SAP, you can increase the efficiency of the enterprise by automating tasks that employees had to perform manually, such as accounting, planning, and managing company resources.

What does SAP include?

There are three parts of the system:

  • client;
  • server;
  • DBMS (database management system).

What does the title mean?

The German abbreviation SAP stands for “System Analysis and Software Development.

When did SAP appear?

SAP’s history began in 1972 in Germany when five employees who previously worked at IBM joined together and created their own company. Their work was aimed at developing software and providing consulting services for organizations.

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