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The implementation of SAP ERP opens up new opportunities for improving business efficiency and strengthening corporate culture. SAP ERP services are the way to increase profits

Why do you need SAP maintenance services

sap maintenance services

SAP ERP has rich functional and technological capabilities that provide close integration of the solution with other components and applications on the SAP platform, as well as provide unlimited scalability of the solution, simple and understandable interaction within a single IT infrastructure of the company.

The solution combined with SAP ERP corporate services allows you to unite all departments of the company in single information space and reduce the number of IT systems and applications used by unifying the processes and format of the data used.

In addition, this is an excellent opportunity to improve the level of corporate culture and qualifications of employees by introducing work regulations in the SAP ERP system.

Our SAP maintenance services

IT audit of existing SAP solutions

Integration of SAP solutions

Installation of updates and customizing SAP ERP as required

Technical support for solutions based on SAP ERP

Modernization and development of SAP ERP

Consulting services and information support for users

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We are a certified SAP partner with extensive experience in implementing and supporting SAP solutions, offering a range of services for the implementation, modernization, and maintenance of solutions based on the SAP platform.

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A proactive team of experts and managers will ensure the implementation and support of projects of any complexity, including SAP application maintenance services.

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We carry out the whole range of works related to modern information technologies for our clients: from development to installation, implementation, and training of personnel, technical and consulting support.

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Your company has become a trusted partner for our Holding, helping with capabilities in SAP, Microsoft and MFSM technologies.  Professional expertise and goal orientation of ITP Group specialists helped us in implementation of new systems and development of current IT landscape. We highly recommend ITP Group as a reliable partner for key projects in SAP, Microsoft and MFSM which can ensure timely implementation with high quality.


Sergiy Detyuk, Chief Information Officer

Apiphani has relied on ITP INTECHPARTNER GROUP LTD to provide a wide variety of technical staffing services over the past two years, including SAP (functional and technical), Oracle, Salesforce, AWS cloud engineering, software development, and more. ITP have become a valued partner to our organization. It is quite rare to work with a company that challenges your own to be better. They are at once highly responsive, extremely flexible, and very detail oriented. This is what we have found in ITP.  


Justin Folkers, Founder & CEO

In our company SAP primarily provides a reliable and stable platform for the company's supply chain operation and financial reporting. What is most critical about SAP - it's really the integration of all functions, where all operation and financial information residing in, and the capability of integrating with external source of data and this is exactly why we choose to partner with ITP, their knowledge of end-to-end processes and technology integration helped to support and develop our system.


Financial Services

Last year, part of our company’s infrastructure was migrated to Azure and since then we have been maintaining a hybrid infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud. Microsoft has well established IaaS and PaaS products, and there has been lot many changes related to new features and integration with other platforms. Azure will definitely become a cloud leader with its products, and our decision to migrate to Azure has significantly reduced infrastructure downtime, improved our quality of service and increase infrastructure flexibility for new business requests implementation n. I’d like to say “thank you” to ITP team for support during migration and help along the way during stabilization and hyper care period.

Driving Engine


We express our gratitude to InTech Partner for the high-quality and timely implementation of work on the development of the Micro Focus Service Manager system, which we have been using since 2016 and which is our base for building customer-oriented user service. Thanks to the joint efforts of both teams, the automation of change management processes was implemented in accordance with the world's best practices.



Frequently asked questions

What is SAP ERP?

The ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The system creates a space for work that unites the employees of the company. In this space, the administrator has the opportunity to track the actions of employees and make timely changes to data.

What are the results of SAP ERP implementation?

The software eliminates the duplication of data and minimizes the number of errors. It strengthens control over the execution of operations in the system by entering KPIs for employees. Also, the system raises the level of corporate culture and qualifications of employees by introducing work regulations in the SAP ERP system, optimizes labor costs for entering, searching, and processing data in the ERP system by 20-80%. The business receives operational information for decision-making based on a deep analysis of data.

What is the main advantage of SAP ERP?

It is the flexibility of settings. A specialist can easily customize the program to the request of a particular enterprise, add the necessary modules, and adjust the system parameters to suit the employees who will work with it. The user interface is also customizable.

Does SAP ERP have limitations?

The cost of purchasing the program and SAP maintenance services is comparatively high. To start using the program, you need to configure it for the tasks of the enterprise and train the staff to work with it. When implementing the program, there may be additional costs for installing some functions that are not provided in the basic version, so the business might need some SAP custom development services.

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